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EP Release "Love, Hate & the Mistakes of a Lifetime" 04.10.2019

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Time heals all wounds- they say. And they are right! Four broken arms, the heart shattered into pieces and a root canal treatment… TIME is going right at it. Direct, rough as the ocean and loaded with clichés. Growing up as a millennial, one can literally choose idols directly (or) from the magazines. Extravagant and passionate, Moritz is dancing his way through his past.



Moritz, formerly called Momo, is against the time & grey gentlemen in suits. The self-proclaimed Wawaaian is sometimes lured out of his “Mupfel” in Berlin by good swell or second-league football that others would call a torture to watch. When he is in front of the camera, he is in front of the camera. In his childhood, the young Hamburger started to investigate local crime with “Die Pfefferkörner” and is now in need for help at crime scenes from time to time. He can also be found in three films and series on Netflix. Moritz preferably spends his hard earned dough on hats or instruments. His Songs are mostly written on guitar, sometimes on ukulele, banjo or bongos. There are very big questions Moritz Jahn sings about on his first EP Love, Hate & The Mistakes Of A Lifetime. But he is reflecting them so honestly, cleverly and playfully while he tries to present them with a youthful energy that makes you eager to face the big questions yourself with open arms. Where melodic folk, indie rock and Disney-pop are at home, all kinds of experiments are allowed their space. You can hear mandolins and drum computers, distorted vocal samplers, creamy guitars, intricate rhythms and warm choirs. Moritz Jahn associates many sounds more with whales and stalactite caves, mine mine mine ehhh seagulls and wind around mountain peaks.
08.12  Nochtwache Hamburg
09.12  Musik & Frieden Berlin
10.12  YUCA Köln
11.12  Zehner München
12.12  Kulturzentrum franz.K Reutlingen + DLIA
13.12  Jazzhaus Freiburg + DLIA
14.12  Eberz Die Musikbar Isny + DLIA
31.01  Kammgarn Kaiserslautern
01.02  FZW Dortmund
02.02  Skaters Palace Münster
06.02  Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus Bre
07.02  LUX - Concerts Hannover
08.02  Neumanns Leipzig
09.02  Nachtleben Frankfurt
11.02  club stereo Nürnberg






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